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Ashes serie

 Ashes serie 

Ashes serie mixa tv: 

Ashes is a new Turkish series starring Sevda Erginci, Gokhan Alkan and other famous Turkish names. 

The series will be produced by Vernant and will be shown on February 15 on TRT 1 and translated on the Mixa TV website 

In this article, we will learn about the story of the series The Past and Its Secrets, the heroes, the work team and all the information related to this series. 

The events of the series Ashes mixa tv: 

Ozge (Sevda Erginci), who comes from a poor and humble family, has been working as a cook in a restaurant for 6 years. Ozge meets Arat (Gokhan Alkan), the heir to the Girayli family, one of the richest and oldest families in Turkey, and they fall in love at first sight and get married.. Ozge's entry into the Arat family palace as a bride will suddenly take her from a love story to a world full of conspiracies. Her husband's tantrums about his past, her sister Bahiya's (Gizem Kunesh) ambition to obtain wealth, and the shadow of Jaleh (Başak Gümülcınılioğlu), Arat's first wife who died under suspicious circumstances, will make Ozge's difficult journey more complicated.

The cast of the series Ashes and their roles:

Gökhan Alkan as Arat

Sevda Ergenç as Ozge

Oshan Çakır as Cemil

Ozgur Çevik as Orhan

Gizem Güneş as Bahiya

Hülya Darcan as Nevisar

Başak Gümülcınılioğlu as Jaleh

Perfu Ungoren as Soraya

Ilker Sami Kılıç as Tufan

The series' writers:

Selhan Aras Erdem and Filiz Kucuk Yücel, and their works include:

Nujum Al-Rai

Time of Death

Secrets of Life

The Bullet

Mixa TV website shows all episodes of the series with full subtitles here.

                   Watch Episode 1 here

Watch Episode 2 here

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Watch Episode 4 here

Watch Episode 5 here

Watch Episode 6 here

Watch Episode 7 here

Watch Episode 8 here

Watch Episode 9 here

Watch Episode 10 final here

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